In life and in business, it’s all about communication.

Let us start by telling you who we aren’t and what we don’t want: 

We don’t want to be your friend. (although we are friendly)

We don’t want to be your investment advisor

We don’t want to be your tax advisor

We don’t want to be your legal counsel. 

We don’t want to be your financial planner

We don’t want to discuss your life insurance in the locker room, at your country club, or during your Thanksgiving dinner.

This is who we are: 

We are an independent life insurance advisory and brokerage firm, specializing in reviewing in-force life insurance policies and procuring guaranteed life insurance products. 

Our team has a combined 100 years of experience and is made up of former life insurance industry executives and brokerage managers with a focus on providing guaranteed life insurance products and guidance to clients and their Financial Advisors, RIA’s, Private Family Offices, Foundations, Trust Officers, CPA Firms and Law Firms. 

We are extensively familiar with all life insurance products and are considered the firm of choice when a client or advisor requires guarantees.