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2017 CSO Table and PBR – Two highly significant regulatory requirements have been adopted by state regulators in recent years which will have substantial impact on the development of new life insurance products in coming years.
New AG for 2015– An excellent piece regarding Equity Index Universal Life and Actuarial Guideline 49 (AG 49). The author gives a clear explanation of the many variables within these products and how they may be abused.
Issues and Trends-Another excellent article from this author regarding recent and very pertinent settlements (Cahill and Hancock COI case). He also explains several life insurance servicing issues.
Premium Financing with IUL– The problems and pitfalls around issues effecting the premium financing of certain life insurance policies and considerations within. It clearly represents many of the considerations before anyone would consider this type of planning.
Moodys– This article discusses the extended period of low interest rates and how this is severely impacting the life insurance industry, both with US and foreign insurers. It discusses their response to these conditions.
NYT– This recent article describes several of the common issues surrounding life insurance policy holders, in light of the difficulties with the industry. It gives specific examples of policies gone wrong.
The Life Insurance Policy Crisis– This brief article describes major faults in the life insurance industry. It discusses responsible parties and their duties to be informed.
Key Trends– This articles discusses key trends within the life insurance industry.

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