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Wealth Gradient-This article discusses the wealth gradient of mortality and other influential factors and expected outcomes and variants. It discusses important topics such as understanding life insurance costs of different types and how they are effected within variances of the affluent market.
Premium Timing– This is an excellent primer regarding No-Lapse Guaranteed Universal Life (NLG) and its sensitivity to premium payment timing. Excellent explanation of shadow account products along with impacts to different forms of premium paying situations and how the guarantees could be effected. Catch-Up premiums are also discussed as well as best practice suggestions. TA
Premium Financing with IUL– The problems and pitfalls around issues effecting the premium financing of certain life insurance policies and considerations within. It clearly represents many of the considerations before anyone would consider this type of planning.
Revisiting GUL– This very short article reminds us of a few of the important considerations of Guaranteed Universal Life products.
An Assessment of NLG– This very well written primer details many of the specific considerations of the Guaranteed Universal Life marketplace.

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